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A Principal We Hold Dear In The Community
Our Founder Leads by example
volunteering both in the community silently,
as well is eagerly involved when he gets a
chance to work in the inner city in his home
town with
Rep. Ako Abdul-Samaad and his
Creative Visions where he
sometimes cooks to feed the homeless, has
mentored teens even helping create a
television show, and is known to sit down
with kids and encourage them during the in
house suspension program which
coordinates school work and offers a hand
to students chasing their academics
although they are sometimes troublesome.

In addition,
NineXRuff affords his time
efforts and sometimes even financial
to the likes of local Motorcycle Clubs, JDRF,

As of 2005 he has been under oath as a
Music Commissioner for his home city in
Des Moines, Iowa under the Mayor Frank
Cownie, and his Fellow Council.

Wade Bassford, (a.k.a.- NineXRuff in the
Hip-Hop Community and Illyricum
Entertainment LLC are proud sponsors of
The Greater Des Moines Music Coalition
even since the beginning donating time and
consulting on formation, direction of
organization, and input on talent.

He Was Honored to be able to help the city,
by way of the Music Commission,
donate $10,000 towards a festival that
would generate millions of dollars in
economic growth to the city and it's small,
midsized, and large businesses.
80/35 Music Festival
Socio-Economic Development

In addition to supporting unity, and the
entrepreneurial endeavors in music, we
have several other ventures in planning
which will be carried out to diversify
through an upcoming consulting brand,
and a couple other endeavors to cause
financial growth in the cities we do
business in.

We strongly look forward to working
in your community.

We believe greatly in producing rather
than just to consume. Things like our
natural resources. We encourage
recycling when available.

We also believe that We The People
hold more weight in our nation, and
worlds economic growth.

Our Womens' Empowerment
is a partnership between Founder:Wade
Bassford and several models whom have
made waves setting themselves apart
from amateurs either through expression,
runway fashion appearances, magazine
publishings, promotional appearances,
and some even having an uplifting
movement in their local community.

We call them
I Kandy , but we believe its
more than just the vanity.

We support small business through
affordable services, such as spokesmodel
appearances, music advertising, and
small to mid-side business advertising
consulting as well.

Stay in tune with these wonderful ladies
and our growth.
Tour Dates
Other initiatives for Growth & Development include
 Facebook.com/AlistIowa a media outlet
which covers local events in Central Iowa, and also
  Facebook.com/AListSoFlo which covers Florida
and is still being established